Trek Alaska: Update #3

Dear Friends and Families,

Day 5- Into the Wild

After a great breakfast, we got all of our stuff together ready for camping. My bag weighed more than me! A short bus ride and we were at the train station. We ate some great cheese popcorn while waiting for the train. On the train, we saw some swans. Learning that swans mate for life and these two ha 3 been hanging out here for a few weeks now. It was only a 20 min train ride but the views were picturesque like a painting. We hopped off and gathered our stuff together. We have so much stuff that everyone had 3 bags a piece from backpacks, to tents or sleeping bags and all the food we brought in. We stopped along the way at a pretty bridge and took pictures. They turned out really cool! We got to the campsite and set up all of our tents which were super easy since we practiced the day before. We started on dinner which were hotdogs and potatoes salad. Most people played some football and frisbee, I was playing with the bug killing racket. We then went to explore the lake which was filled with huge icebergs that were really blue which wasn’t what I expected they were stunning to look at. We made it back to camp and made some Smores with amazing Israeli chocolate. So good! Night time, with plenty of late night talk in the tent.

Morgan V.

Day 6- Resilience

“Get up at 9am” they said. “We need to leave right away.” 10:15 comes around and We still hadn’t left because not everyone was out. While we were waiting, we swatted lots of mosquitoes away from our food. We soon started our walk to a lookout at Spencer Glacier. We got to the end of the trail in about 45 minutes, but as Trek Alaska teens, this wasn’t nearly enough. We proceeded to hike through the territory and continues on until we got within touching distance of the glacier ice. As if this experience wasn’t enough, we soon decided to climb a mountain to a little cabin on the very top. Three miles…the trail sign lied. It definitely felt like 7 each way (it really took 2.5 each way). Through wet, mossy rocks, dark Forrest caverns, and randomly placed wood planks, we forced ourselves up this mountain. 2 hours pass and we finally reach the cabin. Not very exciting, HOWEVER, there was a dog at the top and I cried tears of joy mostly because of the dog, but the view was worth the hike as well. The journey down was a lot easier than the trek up. We made it down to the bottom and by the time we got back to the campsite it was dinner time (10 hours after we left in the morning and 14 miles later) which was spaghetti and garlic bread. We all were beat and today truly tested us mentally as a group.

Jillian R.

Day 7- the Journey Back

Today we, Trek AK, broke down camp at Spencer Lake. Me personally, I was very excited to leave since this whole camping was new and three days was a lot for me. I liked our tent, The Taj Ma-tent, but one night it rained and there was a bit of water that got in. We had a beautiful rafting experience around the icebergs in the lake we’ve been staying at. We even were able to touch the icebergs. Apparently there is a majority of ice underneath that we can’t even see. Straight from the lake we made our way to a river. The views were breathtaking. Our raft guide was really chill. We talked about politics and played games and had a relaxing float down the river. It was nice and smooth 98% of the time, so not really white water rafting :). When we were back at the house, it felt amazing to actually take a shower and do laundry. 3 days of camping in the crisp air, I feel Alaska now has a huge part of my heart. This trip has been life changing.

Jake M.

For pictures of their journey, please check out our trip Facebook album which we will be updating regularly.

Trek Alaska!

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