Trek Alaska: Update #2

Dear Friends and Families,

Day 3-Explore

Today way incredible. It started by going to a Bat Mitzvah for a local Alaskan girl, Sophia. It was cool seeing a service that had all the similarities of one’s at home, but was in a totally different place with some of the songs in different tunes. They had homemade challah and really good “drinking chocolate” with fruit. After the reception we prepared for our first hike of the trip at Winners Creek Trail. It was beautiful, with brilliant green everywhere. We climbed a huge tree branch laid out over a river. There were some spots on the trail we had to maneuver our way across without falling into the stream below. One of the best parts about the hike was the gorgeous blue flowing water. I had to climb over lots of rocks in order to get some great pictures of the trail and river. We eventually came upon a hand tram, which was a cage connected to a cable and rope. You had to pull the rope in order to get to the other side. It went over a pretty high part of the mountain above the river. We made it back to the house in time for tortilla lasagna before we took a shuttle over to Mt. Alyeska. This was one of the best moments of my life. We took a tram up to the top of the mountain it was incredibly snowing on the mountain. After attempting to climb the snowy part, I decided it was better to stick with the rocks and the path rather than the snow on the side. All good though I only fell a few times but I pick myself back up. I went up with Susan and we trekked up the mountain. My legs were tired by the time we stopped, but it felt good to get up. We all gazed around at the incredible scenery, the breathtaking mountains, feeling the crisp air and inhaling the serenity. I felt alive and on top of the world. We then kept going and climbed the super steep snowy hill the rest of the way. It was cold from catching ourselves trying to get a grip in the snow. When we got to the top we had our Havdalah service and songs, which was incredibly memorable being on top of a mountain with such an amazing view celebrating the end of Shabbat. While up there we watched a couple get engaged on the other side of the mountain and yelled “congratulations!” In which they were super happy at hearing that. We continued walking down, throwing snowballs and tried skiing down the hill in our shoes. We all were cracking up about the thrill and the unreal atmosphere of the situation. On the tram down we had a dance party and made it way back home. Everything about today made it such an incredible day it was so fun it will be memorable forever!
-Jordyn S.

Day 4- New sights

The day started off with the Anchorage Wildlife Conservation Center. We got to go to the gift shop for a bit then met our tour guide Teal, her actual name.  After that we saw two birds both of which were injured one was a bald eagle named Adonis the other a great horned owl named Snappy. I feel like seeing those injured animals being cared for and hearing how they were discovered made me see how truly devoted many Alaskans are to their environment. We saw wolves, reindeer, porcupine, bison, Bears, musk ox, deer, foxes, moose, elk, and more. I really enjoyed seeing the Bears because it put their size into perspective since I thought they were bigger than they really are. We also help the center with a service project, cleaning the release pens that hold the wooded bison, which is a species thought to be extinct for around a hundred years according to our tour guide Teal. After the center we decided to go to this extremely beautiful Glacier called Byron glacier. It was so amazing to see this massive Glacier surrounded by even bigger mountains which made me feel so small and such a huge world. I almost froze my hands off but I think that’s fine because the view was 100% worth it. After the glacier we headed back to the house and had an awesome dinner thanks to Susan. Then played pool which was really fun due the fact that Solomon and I were playing so horrendously that Alexis and Jordyn had sunk all but one ball before we had sunk any, it was still fun nonetheless. Then we went outside where we played a terrifying game of ninja with Alexis coming out as the winner. We then proceeded to practice setting up the tents with both girls teams finishing first. Later, Morgan, Jordyn, Drew, Becca, Jake, and I got some ice cream which was devoured almost immediately. I’m looking forward to the camping that’s coming up in the next couple days.

Julia I.

For pictures of their journey, please check out our trip Facebook album which we will be updating regularly.

Trek Alaska!

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