Trek Alaska: Update #1

Dear Friends and Families,

Day 1-Travel
Travel day is always a long drawn out endeavor. Starting extremely early in the morning makes for an interesting trek. I was able to sleep most of the way on the first flight from Pittsburgh. I missed the cool breakfast which was a lovely bag of peanuts, mouthwatering I know! In Denver we had 3 hours before meeting up with two others in our group so Zach and I bummed around the airport looking for things we still needed. I needed some headphones and there happened to be a guy that turned to me and said he was from a big company and had a bunch of them so he gave me his headphones, major score. So more wandering and I decided I NEEDED a fidget spinner and I was absolutely right. It kept me fully entertained on the final leg of our Alaskan adventure. After arriving in Anchorage, we met up at the B&B lodge. This place was a huge cabin. Lots of rooms, a pool table, foosball table and a big living room that has a fireplace in the middle where we all were chilling and getting to know each other. After a few name games and ice breakers, it was bedtime. For me, today was full of anticipation and excitement. I am looking forward to our first hike and I couldn’t be more ready. I fell asleep thinking about the adventurous road ahead.

-Alex B.

Day 2-Settling In
I awoke today to the smell of pancakes which was incredible. Better yet, they were sourdough pancakes which is a specialty here in Alaska. Afterwards we got our bus for the trip. It was titled the Magic Bus on the side which I thought was fun. We got to the synagogue and were heavily trained in most to all rescue maneuvers known to man.  I can save a choking person,  administer CPR, and even run from a moose.  We practiced spraying capsaicin spray on bears and learned how to act in all situations. Next we visited the Native Heritage Center.  We crawled into many underground caves and homes and learned about native games and practices. Then we watched a musical performance that represented the different cultures of Alaska. And then a few of us wandered around the rest of the compound to take pictures. Leaving the heritage center, we grabbed a bite to eat. After inhaling too much food, we voluntarily walked back home through a light drizzle. We performed a Shabbat service back at the house and did an absolutely bad job at the game human knot. Eventually we tried again and were able to get untangled. Later, we relaxed for the night and then zzz zzz.

-Zach R.

For pictures of their journey, please check out our trip Facebook album which we will be updating regularly.

Trek Alaska!

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