Stand UP Thailand: Update #4

Stand UP Thailand
Update #4

July 10, 2017

Today was our first full day in Mae Hong Son.  We took trucks to the Longneck village of the Kareni tribe.  Several people got “smacked” by leaves on the way there but it was low-key funny!  The kids in the village greeted us with a song, so we sang “F is for friends.”  Half of us started on the mushroom farm, and the other half taught English and played games with the kids. A lot of the children seemed  shy, but they were all so humble and selfless!  Anna gave me a flower and I’m not lying, my heart melted!

It’s so humbling and rewarding to be able to make a difference that will mean so much more to the Kareni people then it ever will to any of us. It was a great day in the village and for dinner, Chris, our guide Kit’s mom, graciously hosted us at her home where she gives kids a chance at a better life.  Everyone we met today was so excited and happy to see us. It was a very eventful and eye-opening day!

– Joelle Friedlander
Stand Up Thailand participant

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