Stand UP Thailand: Update #2

Elephants, Scavenger Hunt, and a Show!
July 6, 2017

By: Olivia Galel
Stand Up Thailand participant

Today we woke up really early, 6:00am, so that we could get to the elephant sanctuary where we would have the trip of a lifetime. Once we arrived at the elephant sanctuary, we overlooked mountains, adorable elephants, and a scene that will never be forgotten.  As we reach the bottom step of a massive staircase, we were immediately approached by an elephant. Once we learned a little bit about the elephants, we got to feed them sugar cane. I never knew someone could love sugar as much as me! After we fed the elephants, we took pictures and then were ready to ride them!  Initially, we were concerned about hurting the elephants, but it turns out that we are harmless. Riding elephants was an unforgettable experience! The ride was definitely a little scary, but totally worth being sprayed with mud!

After we bathed the elephants in a pond, we ate lunch – curry noodles and fresh fruit! Once lunch was over and we all showered, we headed back to our hotel. We rested for a little while and then left to tour Chiang Mai.  We were divided into groups and hopped into songthews, which are a kind of traditional Thai taxi truck.  We saw a temple with monks and participated in a scavenger hunt. The scavenger hunt took place all over Chiang Mai’s markets.  One by one as the teams completed the scavenger hunt, we headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.

We dined at  a restaurant that included a traditional northern Thai dinner and a show with music and dancing. We needed to take our shoes off to enter the restaurant, so we all checked our shoes just like you might check your coat! We were really experiencing true Thai culture at this restaurant and enjoyed the entertainment – lots of laughs and smiles from our group!

We had an exhausting yet incredible day here in Chiang Mai and we can’t wait for tomorrow!

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