Stand UP South Africa: Update #6

Stand UP South Africa
Update #6

Dear Friends and Families,

We have already arrived home by the time you read this, but we wanted to send one final update from South Africa!

On Friday we set off on a boat to find some great white sharks. Even though we weren’t able to find any, we still had a great time seeing all of the seals! Before we got on the boat, we talked with a marine biologist who taught us about shark conservation.

We spent Shabbat in Hermanus, which is a coastal town known for whale watching. On Saturday some of us woke up early to watch the sunrise over the cliffs – it was beautiful! We enjoyed a free day exploring the cute town. It has amazing views all over with cliffs overlooking the ocean.  As the sun was setting we were each given a rock with our initials on it. We each made a wish and threw our rock into the ocean… we probably all wished to come back to South Africa soon!!

Our time in South Africa flew by so quickly. Not only did our experience leave an impact on us, but we hope we also left an impact on South Africa. We are excited to come home, share our picture and memories with you and make an impact on our communities.

The Stand UP South Africa Girls 

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