Stand UP South Africa: Update #2

Stand UP South Africa
Update #2

Hello from South Africa!!

These past two days  have been all about helping a charity called Eco Children build an “eco village” at the local middle school. This village helps the students learn responsibility and ensures that the children have food security as most children do not know where their next meal will come from at home.

We have been painting fences, tires, and gardens in the morning, and will begin planting seeds tomorrow. In the afternoons, we play with the children who spend their winter holiday at school to ensure that they are safe and in good care. The children are in grades 6 and 7, and love to run around! The boys like to play soccer, while the girls play netball and dance. While the kids don’t know English very well, it isn’t hard to form bonds with them! They greet us and bid us goodbye with hugs and smiles and like to hold our hands and sit on our laps.

We’re looking forward to our next two days of community service and will keep you updated with the eco village progress… !

Sam D. and Zoe M.
(Stand UP South Africa Participants)

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