Stand UP Nicaragua: Update #1

Ambassadors to Nicaragua
Update #1

Dear Friends and Family,

Unaccompanied minors from Washington DC? Check!
Unaccompanied minors from Detroit via Ohio? Check!
Subway sandwiches at the airport? No lost passports? Check, and CHECK!

Day one was written with the gusto, anxiety and excitement that often finds its way into international travel. Together, our new nine boarded the plane in Miami en route to Managua to meet 11 teens that ventured north from Costa Rica. An hour of weather related runway delays aside, the flight took off and landed without a hitch in Nicaragua’s capital, and with custom’s lines nearly nonexistent and all luggage in tow, the Miami crew boarded the bus/van fusion en route to Grenada. Our two groups became one, as we enjoyed dinner together at the hotel and a quick ice-breaker before a well-deserved night’s sleep!

Days two and three found the group deep in the service portion of our Stand UP Nicaragua experience. We made our way to La Granadilla to begin the revamping of the small farming community’s school. Bookending the activities here were shovel-fulls of earth to use for mortar in a latrine and and bull-drawn carriage rides throughout the co-op. Two opposite ends of the spectrum with loads in between — helping plant see-saws and monkey bars in the playground, painting walls and tires, and of course, piñatas being burst open amidst flying Nicaraguan children! All the while, Volcan Mombacho beckoned in the background, awaiting for our arrival tomorrow.

Leaving Hotel Granada early Thursday morning, we bounced towards Mombacho Volcano. We enjoyed our canopy tour and a series of seven zip-lines that passed through swarms of howler monkeys.  We challenged ourselves with a jungle hike around the lower of Mombacho’s two craters, too. We could see lakes, lagoons, and many of Nicaragua’s 17 cloud-strewn volcano peaks in the distance. The vistas gave us a preview of what was to come next…

A fully packed 3 days, with loads on the horizon!

More to come!
Your Stand UP Nicaragua Staff

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