Spain Discovery: Update #4

Dear Friends and Families,

On Thursday, we had an early morning wake-up and re-entered Spain from the U.K.
We walked across the border with our luggage, and got ready for the upcoming bus trip. We made a pit stop on the way to Seville at an equestrian range. We hung out with the horses outside and toured the inside, which was adorned with beautiful chandeliers and artwork. We then got back on the bus and headed to Seville.

We had free time to walk around and get lunch, and then we went to the Reál Alcazar Palace. The palace was one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen! It had many rooms with vibrant colors, elaborate water systems, multiple types of fish, and an enormous amount of flowers. The palace also included many pieces of artwork, such as religious and historical paintings. We then strolled through Seville and made our way to the dock, where we boarded a boat which took us around the city. Following the boat ride, we checked into the hotel and ate dinner there.

The next morning, we drove to the famous bullfighting arena in Seville. Something interesting that we learned is that the word “bullfighting” is a mistranslation from the original Spanish term, which actually refers to “a traditional sacrifice of bulls.” Although I personally did not enjoy the thought of the sport, I did love the architecturally stunning arena itself. Next, we walked to the Seville Cathedral, which is the resting place of Christopher Columbus. We saw the very elaborate tomb in which he was buried. We then followed our tour guide to the top of the bell tower in the cathedral. Despite a serious climb up many ramps, we reached the top, and the work was worth what was awaiting us! There was a clear and far view of the beautiful city that is Seville. Colorful buildings, winding streets, and vibrant flowers made this view absolutely breathtaking. After admiring the city for a while, we walked back down from the bell tower and exited the cathedral.

We enjoyed free time to eat lunch and explore the city.

– Maya Kominsky

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