Italy Discovery 2A: Update #5

Italy 2A
Update #5

Dear Friends and Family,

On Friday our group visited the Vatican and viewed beautiful and breathtaking art. After leaving the Vatican we visited the Colosseum. The group then split into smaller groups and traveled around the beautiful arena noting both the extensive history as well as the impressive architecture. Close by to the Colosseum was the Arc of Titus. The arc towered over us and the precise details engraved in the arc were awing!

We concluded the day celebrating Shabbat. Our group split into two smaller groups – one that went to the nearby temple and the other participated in a BBYO Shabbat where we sang songs and chanted prayers.

Our Saturday in Rome started off with a relaxing late wake up for Shabbat. The first stop of the day was Rome’s Jewish Quarter, where we ate lunch at a small kosher resturuarant. From here we walked around the quarter, seeing an old and beautiful synagogue before beginning our tour of the city. After a quick stop in a small side street for shopping, we saw the Fontana dei Quattro Fiumi. We then stopped at the magnificently domed Pantheon, a former Roman temple turned into a church, containing the graves of Renaissance artist Raphael and the first Italian king, Victor Emmanuel II. After the Pantheon, we arrived at the world famous Trevi Fountain, where we took pictures and threw our coins into the water. Our final stop of the day was the Spanish Steps. Here we enjoyed great Italian food as well as fantastic shopping. It was a amazing conclusion to a great day in Rome!

Sunday was the last day that our whole bus was together. Although it was a sad day since this would be the last time we’d all be with each other, we had a great time. We started the day on the bus to the historic city of Pompeii. Everyone was fascinated the second we got there by the display of bodies at the entrance. We had a short tour of the city, visiting the Main Street, the Amphitheater and the Main Square. After the tour, we enjoyed an hour of shopping before we got back on the bus to go to the hotel.

The teens continuing to Western Europe said their final goodbyes to their friends Monday morning. At noon, the 10 teens staying in Europe, went to a beach in Ostia. The weather was perfect; the sun was out and the water was warm. We went back to the hotel and swam at the pool until dinner. We all went to bed early that night and got some much needed sleep!

Today, we traveled from Rome to London. The teens were very patient with the flight delay and waiting over an hour in line for passport control. We made it to the hotel and ate dinner at an Indian restaurant. After, we bought snacks and did a group activity to prepare for the other half of the group’s arrival! We are excited to meet new friends and begin our adventure throughout Western Europe… !

– Your Italy 2A Staff

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