Italy Discovery 2A: Update #4

Dear Family and Friends,

Enjoy our update from the past couple days!

Today we went to Florence! We started the day touring gorgeous Basilica and learning the history of a local synagogue. The synagogue was absolutely amazing! Our guide David told us lots of interesting information about the location which made the experience even better. Then we were off to the Accademia Gallery where we saw the iconic David statue, and so many others. After, we climbed 400 steps to the top of a bell tower and enjoyed the beauty of Florence from above. Our free time featured lots of leather and gelato shopping. We were tired and happy after such an intereting day; we shared a lot of laughs and preparted for our next adventures…

We started at 8 am for Rome, with a stop, of course, to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. We took so many photos! In groups of 10 we climbed to the top of Pisa, one group at a time. The view was breathtaking!!!  We finished the day back on the road to Rome. We arrived in the evening, excited for the days to come… !

– Your Italy 2A Staff

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