Italy Discovery 1: Update #3

Italy 1
Update #3

Hello friends and family of Italy Discovery #1!

We are now a week into the trip and absolutely loving it!

Monday was a fun filled day in Bled, a must see town in northern Slovenia! After a delicious breakfast at our hotel, we headed to Lake Bled for a scenic view of the crystal blue lake. We enjoyed some gelato (of course) in the early morning while stopping at the Church Mary on the Lake to ring the famous wishing bell. We took a dip in the lake and enjoyed a relaxing hour enjoying this beautiful place.

Next up was Ljubljana, Slovenia’s capital. We split up for pizur lunch and some free time to explore the capital’s main square filled with shops, bakeries and restaurants.  Following lunch, half of the teens participated in an escape room, while the other half had a tour of the capital and its historical sites! We ended the day with more free time in the city center to enjoy even more gelato!

We ended the night at the beautiful Ribno hotel, and made sure to get extra rest for the next day!

Tuesday morning was an early wake up, in order to have a full tour of Postojna Cave, the most toured cave in the world and the only one with electricity inside! We absolutely loved it! Slovenia has 10,000 caves in total, and this one was an absolute beauty. The rest of the afternoon was a bus day, to make our way from Slovenia back to Italy for the remainder of our trip. We stopped at a gelato factory called Gelato University in Bologna to learn how gelato is made. After receiving a free tasting, we are sure the teens are not sick of gelato! Tonight we sleep in Florence, and look forward to tomorrow’s adventures in the city of renaissance…

More soon…
Italy Discovery #1

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