Italy Discovery 1: Update #1


We finally arrived in Italy!! After a 7 hour flight we were excited to start this journey!

We first met our wonderful tour guide, Mateja, and connected with our fourth staff member Josh who flew in from London. We immediately hit the road for Lago Maggiore, a beautiful “large lake” in northern Italy, where we took a group photo, and played many ice breakers to get to know one another. It was difficult to stay awake from the jet lag, but we managed to keep our eyes open a few more hours through dinner, where we enjoyed our first authentic Italian pasta dinner. Expectedly, everyone fell asleep before 10pm.

The next morning, everyone woke up after a refreshing 8 hours of sleep. We began our day driving the 3 hours from Milan to Verona to experience the love of Romeo and Juliet. We took pictures of Juliet’s famous balcony, ate delicious gelato, and shopped around until the early afternoon. It was a quick, but fun morning in Verona.

Next stop, Venice, the city of canals! We ate lunch on the road and made it to Venice by late afternoon. We enjoyed a famous gondola ride on the beautiful canals of Venice, 6 per boat. We ended the evening with a pizza dinner and gelato (of course) before heading back to our hotel where we will be spending Shabbat.

We are excited for the next few days in Venice!

Until next time!
Italy Journey #1

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