Israel Journey 5B: Update #3

Hello Family and Friends!

It’s hard to put this last week into words because we had so many amazing experiences! Our time is going by quickly, and our days are filled with fun and excitement.

On Wednesday we went to the mystical city of Tzfat. We learned about the spirituality of Judaism as we walked through the city and visited the art gallery of a man named Avraham. We had time to shop in the beautiful market and some of us tried a delicious Yemenite food called malawach. After we left Tzfat, we spent the afternoon rafting on the Jordan River! The river was lazy, but the experience was thrilling!

Thursday’s theme was coexistence, and we started off by meeting teenagers from an Arab village. The participants all quickly became friends through their discussions about life dreams, hopes for Israel, their hobbies and of course, the exchange of Snapchat usernames. After that, we went to Ussafiya, a Druze village. We learned all we could about the culture of the Druze people; we couldn’t learn much about the religion because it is kept a secret only among the religious Druze. We then traveled to the multicultural city of Haifa where we visited the stunning Baha’i gardens. That night some of the participants left for their home stay to visit friends and family in different parts of Israel.

Friday was spent in the cool city of Tel Aviv! We visited the Diaspora Museum where we learned about different Jewish groups from all over the world. We shopped in Shuk HaCarmel, where we ate lunch, bargained and bought gifts for our friends and family. Then, we spent the afternoon on the beautiful beach!

We headed to the outskirts of Jerusalem for Shabbat. This Shabbat, our group had the opportunity to rest, relax by the pool and catch up on sleep!  Then, we started the new week with a visit to the Azrieli Mall in Tel Aviv.

We have a busy week ahead and we can’t wait… !

More to come,
Your Israel Journey 5B Staff

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