Israel Journey 5A: Update #2

Today’s update comes from Zoe Katzenellenbogen. Enjoy!

Dear Friends and Family,

The past few days have been so eventful and went by way too fast! We went to an archeological dig in Beit Guvrin on Friday and a few of us discovered pottery from an ancient civilization. It was amazing to know that our group of teens helped uncover relics from another lifetime. After being in the sun for awhile, the cool temperature of the underground caves was very welcome and refreshing. At the end of a fun-filled day, everyone was eager to shower and get changed for Shabbat.

Saturday was a relaxed day at the beach with plenty of fun in the sun. Our late wake up call left everyone refreshed and excited to explore the beach and splash around. Even those who are not to fond of the ocean, such as myself, had a great time and spent time in the water with friends. We ended the day with Havdalla on the roof of our hotel where we could see all of the lights of the city. The view was breathtaking, but the company was even better! After marking the end of Shabbat we went on a boat cruise of the Mediterranean Sea from the Akko Seaport. Friends made at the B’yachad were reunited as groups 5A and 5B danced the night away together!

On Sunday the group had a ‘leisurely’ hike at Ma’arat HaKeshet. It was very hot outside but everyone was all smiles while having fun and taking pictures to send home. After our hike, the cool bus ride to Rosh Hanikrah to explore the ocean caves was much appreciated.  After having lunch with 5B, our group volunteered with individuals with special needs through the organization Ekipo. I witnessed genuine joy on the faces of not just the participants but from the fellow members of 5A, as well. Being able to give back to another community was an amazing experience and has inspired some on our trip to pursue it more in their own communities back home. I’m ecstatic that I still have two more weeks of adventure and fun with the rest of Israel Journey 5A… !

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