Israel Journey 5A: Update #1

Shalom from Israel! Today’s update comes from one our teens…

Today we had a late wake up as the teens from Spain had arrived early this morning and we wanted to give them a chance to rest after their early flight. Shortly after, the whole group got acquainted with each other. We went out for lunch in Jerusalem and many tasted their first Israeli food! After lunch we went to the Haas Promenade that overlooks Jerusalem’s Old City where we said a Shecheyanu for having just arrived. We took beautiful pictures (!) and then went to the Zion Gate and enjoyed a tour of the Jewish Quarter.

Later we went to the Western Wall (Kotel) where we were able to reflect and pray.

Finally we returned to the hotel for dinner and had a fun evening activity where we got to know each other even better!

More to come…
-Ethan Richard, Participant 

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