Israel Journey 4: Update #2

Shalom from Israel!

We are so excited to report that we had an amazing first Shabbat all together. It was wonderful to celebrate Shabbat in Israel!

Friday, we left the beautiful holy city of Jerusalem and headed North. We stopped at Dig-For-A-Day where we took part in an archaeological dig with the professionals. The teens wasted no time finding ancient artifacts that will help piece together ancient stories. Though we couldn’t keep our findings, teens were able to snag a few pottery pieces to take home.  Our next stop was the ancient Roman city of Caesarea. We explored the Roman amphitheater where we sang “Build Me Up Buttercup” and ran chariot races around the royal palace. We then made our way back to our accommodations. We loved the extra down time Shabbat brought!  We then celebrated Shabbat in Akko. We had a beautiful Friday night Shabbat service lead by Devra. She played beautiful tunes that many of the teens knew from home. We had a yummy dinner and played games during oneg.

Saturday, we all slept in and it felt great! It was much needed! We spent the morning exploring the Arab market and walking around Akko as a group. In the afternoon, we walked to the beach where we enjoyed the water and the sun! After dinner and a beautiful Havdallah service on the roof, we danced the night away on a private boat cruise! The boat cruise played great music and everyone had a blast!

Sunday, we loaded the bus and headed to the Galilee. Our first stop was a Ma’arat HaKeshet. Here we enjoyed team building activities, and went on a stunning hike with priceless views. (The pictures will not do it justice!)

Our first stop in the afternoon were the caves of Rosh Hanikrah – what an epic view of the Mediterranean! Our last stop was an opportunity to give back to this country we’ve been calling home. We put on a carnival for adults with special needs. The language barrier was not an issue because laughter is universal.

We then made our way to our home for the next 4 nights. We will be living the Kibutz life for a few days! More updates to come… !

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