Israel Journey 3B: Update #8

Dear Parents and Loved Ones,

On Friday, we went to the Theodore Herzl Museum, a heritage museum in Jerusalem which focuses on the activities and visions of Theodore Herzl. We also walked through the Mt. Herzl National Cemetery, remembering loved ones lost who fought for Israel.

Next, we traveled to the Mahane Yehuda open air market place where we were able to shop around and explore the sights and smells of Jerusalem! Then we stopped and relaxed at a park, played frisbee and enjoyed pizza. We then had the opportunity to go on a geo-political tour of the Israeli cabinet (Knesset); we listened to an interactive audio tour of the many bureaus of the cabinet and how they all connect. Afterwards, we hopped onto our bus and headed to our accommodations at the Olive Tree Hotel so we could prepare for our Shabbat feast. We celebrated Shabbat at the hotel and enjoyed time together after a very eventful, tiring, and fun day!

On Saturday, we had optional yoga, political talk, Krav Maga, and games throughout the day. We all hung around the hotel, sleeping, watching Netflix, and just being kids! That night, we went to the outdoor Mamilla Mall, beautifully strung with lights.

On Sunday, we departed for Tel Aviv. We went to the Independence Hall and heard an intriguing lecture of how Israel became its own country. Then, we went to “Save A Child’s Heart” and had the opportunity to play with kids from Third World countries who need/ed heart surgery. This experience encouraged us to reevaluate the opportunities we’ve been able to enjoy in our lives!

Next, we had a walking tour of the ancient Jaffa Seaport. We saw the buzz of Jaffa life and walked around its markets. Then, we were able to become one with nature and connect with Israel on a deeper level through the tree planting ceremony. Finally, we ate dinner at Neot Kedumim Park where we said goodbye to some friends and ate lots of delicous bread!

— Sophie Cohen and Travis Nussbaum (participants)  

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