Israel Journey 3B: Update #5

Hi everyone!

The past few days have been filled with adventure and once in a lifetime experiences!

On Friday, we were brought to a museum at the Tel Aviv University. It had tons of valuable information about many historic events, artwork, and even an interactive area we could enjoy. Soon after we left TAU, we went to a street fair market that was filled with shops and mini restaurants. The food there was delicious and I would love to go back there again! After an hour of walking around the market, we walked to the beach. There was a beach shack that had ice cream and shakes and they we re delicious, as well! After a long day, we ended off into a beautiful night to welcome Shabbat!

Saturday – Shabbat –  we got to relax at the hotel for the whole day and sleep as late as we wanted to! We ate breakfast, lunch and dinner at the hotel, too. It was a very relaxing day and we had a short Havdallah at 8:30pm. (Shoutout to Ryan Silverman for leading a D’var Torah at Havdallah!) After that, we headed over to the the mall for a couple hours.

Sunday, we went to an old bullet factory and walked around the small village and a hidden underground factory. It was fascinating to learn all about it. Next, we went to a nice, outdoor mall and had some time to get lunch and shop around. Lastly, we arrived at a Kibbutz and got to have a BBQ and pool party along with the other BBYO groups! It was tons of fun and a great experience!

More to come… !

Lauren Goldman

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