Israel Journey 3B: Update #4

Dear Parents,

These past two days in Israel have been action and fun packed!

This past Wednesday, we traveled to the mystical city of Tzaft and met with artist Avraham Lowenthal. A bunch of us purchased small versions of his beautiful art! After meeting with Avraham, we were given time to walk around Tzaft and see all the art and jewelry the city had to offer. But before we went shopping, we all had to get Falafel, Shawarma, and iced coffee first! The stores and kiosks were filled with some of the most beautiful jewelry we have ever seen! We also took a look into the candle factory and went into a Orthodox synagogue that had beautiful glass murals.

The highlight of the day was rafting down the Jordan River! The water was easy to steer in, but somehow we still all ended up in the trees and rocks! Then, we visited our tour guide’s kibbutz and heard from David, a man who has been on the kibbutz since 1948. We ended Wednesday with an amazing boat cruise on the Kinneret with the other bus!

On Thursday, we traveled to an Arab community and visited an Arab high school. There we split up into groups and participated in a coexistence activity with students from the high school. We talked about similarities and differences between each other and created friendships. Then, we went to a Druze village and ate authentic Druze food. After eating, we learned about the Druze religion.

Next, we traveled to Haifa and stopped briefly to explore the Bahai Gardens. Then, we traveled 4 1/2 hours to arrive at our next hotel in the Judean Hills. While driving, we stopped at a McDonald’s. This Mcdonald’s is different than McDonald’s in the States because you order at a touch kiosk instead of a counter.

Finally, we arrived to our beautiful hotel and had time to relax and rest. We will be staying at this hotel until Sunday. We can’t wait for more fun in the next few days!!!

More soon… !
Rachel Weiner and Becca Roos, Israel Journey 3B

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