Israel Journey 3B: Update #2

Dear Parents,

Each day is filled with many opportunities to learn about the Promised Land and to learn about our history as the Jewish people. On Friday we experienced this through physical means by going to an archaeological site, where we learned about the Hanukkah story –  digging up 2000 year old artifacts from that time period. On Friday night we welcomed Shabbat for the first time together as a community. We all know that teenagers love their sleep, so on Shabbat we had a relaxing day – sleeping  and enjoying the beach.  And on the way to the beach we stopped at our first Shuk!We ended the day with Havdala and celebrated our first of many birthdays together!

On Sunday we went on a beautiful hike near Lebanon and visited The Sea Grottos. Then we went to a center that helps people with physical and mental disabilities. We played music, sang and colored with them, and enjoyed animals together. It was the best part of the day because seeing the smiles we put on their faces brought us joy!  So far we are having an amazing time and can’t wait to see the rest of Israel!

Toby B.

Additionally, we wanted to give a special shoutout to our Shabbat committee, Tal S, Jenna L, Emma, Adele, Rachel W, Ryan S, and Toby B for leading us in a meaningful Shabbat experience. In addition, Travis led a wonderful yoga class… and Forrest for being the yoga DJ!

Your Madrichim,
Rochelle, Danny, and Becca

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