Israel Journey 3B: Update #10

Dear Parents and Loved Ones,

Hello for the last time from Israel! Today’s update comes from one of our participants… enjoy!

We’ve done so much these past three days! On Friday, we started off visiting the artist village of Ein Hod in Haifa, where we met a talented percussionist who played a variety of instruments including drums, a homemade wood xylophone, and a saucer drum.  Next, we made our own own art. Everyone received a cardboard square with a dot in the center.  We started off by drawing a little design around the dot.  We then gave our square to the person next to us who added details to their new square. This went on until all of the squares were filled with beautiful designs, which we then put together into one square… a new piece of art. It showed us that if we work together, we can create something beautiful!

After admiring art made by residents, we left for our next activity: ATV riding! It was extremely bumpy and sandy and we all had a lot of fun!  After lunch, we took a walking tour of Haifa, including the Stella Maris Monastery, Elijah’s Cave, and Mount Carmel.  We ended the day with Kabbalat Shabbat and dinner.

Saturday was a restful day, and we spent the afternoon on the beach. We ended Saturday with Havdallah and a quick trip to the mall. On Sunday, we participated in a drum circle and learned rhythms from a local musician.  We then left for Tel Aviv, where we had lunch, and I enjoyed my last shawarma of the trip! We then visited a silent museum exhibit where we gained some understanding of what life is like being deaf. We were given big noise-cancelling headphones and could only use our hands to communicate.

The day ended with dinner at a restaurant and a lot of goodbyes as the friends flying to JFK headed to the airport.  Although it was sad to see some of my friends head home, I am happy I was able to meet them and make so many memories.  For me (and probably everyone else!) this trip helped me develop and it is one of the most meaningful experiences I will probably have in my life! As great as the trip was, it would certainly not be as good without the adults who spent their time with us.  I would like to thank our madrichim Rochelle, Becca, and Danny, along with our tour guide Tal, our security guard/medic Oleg, and bus driver Abby for all they have done!  This trip could not have happened without all of your hard work!

Lastly, thank you all for providing us with this once in a lifetime experience.  See all of you soon!

-Ryan S. and the Rest of Bus 3B

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