Israel Journey 3A: Update #2

Dear Parents,

On Tuesday we had a great experience volunteering at HaShomer Hachadash which exists to help Israeli farmers protect their farmland. We made our own pizza and enjoyed this meal outside with goats wandering about! Next, we went to the natural springs of Sachne (Israel’s “Garden of Eden”) and stayed there for around an hour- it was beautiful and we had fun jumping in the water. We then had dinner and Israeli dancing- so fun!!!

On Wednesday, we took a morning hike through the Galilee. Then after lunch at a local kibbutz we had an off road jeep tour of the Golan and visited the abandoned former Syrian headquarters. We then drove to Tiberius to the shores of the Sea of Galilee and spent the afternoon swimming and barbecuing on the beach. We finished the evening with a boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee where we danced the night away.

Today, we departed the kibbutz and drove to a coexistence workshop near the city of Carmiel. There, we met with local Palestinian teens and learned about each other’s lives. Then we drove to a Druze village and were able to learn about their culture and eat traditional Druze food- with an overlook with a stunning view.

We headed to Haifa to enjoy the beautiful Bahai Gardens. We then drove to the hills outside Jerusalem and are now in our lovely accommodations for the next three days.

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Your staff,
Sunny, Aniko, Melanie, and Ariel

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