Israel Journey 1: Update #4

Dear Friends and Families,

On Tuesday we began our day with a community service project. We worked in a JNF preserve where we helped maintain the agriculture. Then we made our own pita from scratch over a fire pit and filled it with all kinds of yummy vegetables and cheese. It was delicious. From there we went swimming in the Sachne, A natural spring. The Israelis refer to it as the “Garden of Eden.” There are fish in the water that came up to us and nibbled at our feet. It was the best pedicure! Back at our hotel after dinner, we participated in a rousing israeli dance program. We had a great time.

We began our day on Wednesday with a beautiful overlook at the Peace Vista on top of the Golan Heights. We could see the Jordan River and all the cities that we have stayed in so far. It was really beautiful. Then we got to tour the Golan region through an off-road Jeep tour. It was so much fun!

From there we went to the top of Mt. Ben-Tal, where we had a beautiful view of Israel and her neighbors. We even got to meet some Israeli soldiers and take pictures with them. We learned about the history between Israel and Syria and what happens between the borders. This also led to a discussion about our own personal borders and boundaries.

Next we went to the beach of the Kinneret, where we got to swim, relax and enjoy a delicious barbecue dinner. After dinner we went to a mall where we got to the shop, eat some delicious ice cream, and finally experience McDonald’s in Israel. It was a super fun day!

Thursday began with a short drive to a town called Dir El Asad, where we learned about Arab-Israeli relations and got to meet a few teachers from an Arab school. Our teens learned a lot and asked really great questions.

Next we went to a Druze village and had a delicious Druze lunch. We learned all about their culture and their religion. From there we drove to the Bahai Gardens in Haifa. It was a beautiful overlook of the manicured gardens. From there we shopped around Haifa and again stopped for delicious ice cream. Then we drove to our next hotel on the outskirts of Jerusalem.

Tomorrow we have a very busy day, and then we will get ready for a beautiful Shabbat weekend.

For pictures of their journey, please check out our trip Facebook album which we will be updating regularly.

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