Central Europe Discovery 2: Update #4

Shalom from the Warsaw Airport!

We have a guest blogger for this update from one of our teens on the trip.. Sydney Weiss!

Here is what she has written about the last two days. We all cannot wait to go to Israel tonight…

Chelsea and Brad

Monday we traveled from Krakow to Warsaw with a few stops in between. In the morning, we visited a memorial in the forest for 8,000 people that were shot by Nazis. The memorial felt awkwardly placed, seeing as the Nazis marched people into a random place in the forest.

In the afternoon, we stopped at Majdanek, a concentration camp. Majdanek is unique because the leadership of the camp left abruptly, so it looks very much like it was when in use – very chilling. Unlike Auschwitz, Majdanek was not ridden of documentation and remains. There’s a giant memorial at the end of the camp that holds ashes. The memorial is of overwhelming size. After seeing Auschwitz yesterday, Majdanek felt more eerie.

Our last pit stop was at McDonald’s and then we drove the rest of the day until we arrived in Warsaw at night.

Today was our Warsaw day. In the morning, we took a tour of what used to be the Warsaw ghetto. Throughout the area there is a trail of memorials that honor people who stood up during the Holocaust. We stopped periodically to discuss various stories.

We went to a central square in the city to shop and eat. It started to rain pretty hard, but I got some spaghetti in an indoor restaurant. Of course, I had some ice cream, too!
In the afternoon, we went to a large mall to shop for a couple hours. After dinner at a Chabad house, we completed our journey in Central Europe. It was a fantastic trip through the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland, and I could not be happier to continue the journey in Israel… !

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