Central Europe Discovery 2: Update #2

Shalom from Hungary!

After a scenic bus ride from Prague we arrived in the beautiful city of Budapest. We spent the afternoon adventuring through an ancient Labryinth [home to Dracula]. We strolled through the Buda castle before heading to dinner at a delicious kosher restaurant next to the Dohany synagogue. After a restful evening, we woke up rejuvenated and ready for a fun day in Budapest.

The morning was spent walking through Pest with our Hungarian tour guide Esther. We were joined by a local Hungarian BBYO teen named Anna who gave us rich perspective on what life is like for a Jewish teen living in Budapest. Highlights of our morning included: the Parliament building, The Shoe Memorial where we held a ceremony by the Danube River, sang “Eli Eli” and learned about the courageous life of Hannah Senesh.

Lunch was spent at the market where we enjoyed local cuisine. Next stop was the Szechenyi thermal spa and pool where we spent time relaxing in saunas and natural spring pools!

We then put on our nice clothes and went to the largest synagogue in all of Europe, the Dohany Synagogue. We enjoyed dinner together and finished the evening with a lovely night cruise on the Danube River.

Tomorrow we take the bus to Krakow and will celebrate Shabbat as a BBYO Passport community!

Warmest Regards,
Bradley and Chelsea

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