Central Europe Discovery 1: Update #4

Dear Friends and Family,

It’s hard to believe that the Central Europe portion of our amazing adventure has come to an end. Together we have accomplished so much, made great memories and lifelong friendships. Our friends who will not continue on to Israel will be greatly missed!

Before we parted ways on Tuesday night the group had two emotional and memorable days. Monday, we left Krakow and headed to Warsaw. Our first stop was a somber one as we visited Zbylitowska Gora, a mass grave memorial in the forest. We will never be able to understand the horror that took place and the innocent children who lost their lives. As a group we said the Mourner’s Kaddish to honor the lost lives. From there we headed to Old Yeshiva of Lublin to bear witness at Majdanek Work Camp. It’s hard to fathom that Majdanek could be operational in 48 hours because of how well preserved it has been. That really hit home for many participants. We followed the story of Helina Birnbaum, as Dima powerfully explained her story at Majdanek. The teens were truly touched and left with a strong understanding and deep compassion. From there we had some time in Lublin to walk around the town square and enjoyed dinner and ice cream. We ended the night at our beautiful hotel in Warsaw.

Waking up Tuesday morning was bittersweet as this was our last day all together. We said goodbye to our friends who headed home while others continue on to Israel. Before we left, we walked around the Warsaw ghetto and learned about what was once the largest Jewish community in the world.

The afternoon was spent with our friends in the market and mall. We bought gifts and of course, ice cream!

Our reflection time really allowed our participants to reflect on our powerful journey together. They are so fortunate to have this opportunity and now understand their responsibility to spread this education to others. Again, it’s hard to explain how much we will miss our friends, and we are excited for our journey to continue in the beautiful land of Israel…

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