Ambassadors to the United Kingdom: Update #3

Ambassadors to the UK
Update #3

Dear Friends and Family,

Camp has been great; all of the teens are mixing in well with the UK teens and are making new friends and great memories here in Northern England!

On Friday we engaged in lots of new and exciting activities and then celebrated our first of two Shabbats here at camp. We learned new songs, spent quality time with our new friends, and had a quiet evening to end our busy and fun week.

On Saturday we participated in Shabbat services and then enjoyed a relaxing day with all of our new friends. At the end of the night, we attended our Havdalah programs, which were a very meaningful end to our Shabbat.

Sunday, were were back into our camp schedule, where we are doing group activities and bonding with all of the teens. We’re having an amazing time here; more updates to follow… !

– Melissa
Stand UP UK Staff

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