Ambassadors to Argentina: Update #1

Ambassadors to Argentina
Update #1Hello Parents, Families and Friends,

We can’t believe it’s already been two days here, our group of 19 already feels like a close knit family, as if we’ve known each other forever!

We have been beyond intrigued and taken aback by the unique culture of the city of Buenos Aires. Thursday started with a fabulous tour of the Pink Palace (the White House of Argentina) and la Boca. We explored the colourful crowded streets of la Boca and and took some great group pictures. We headed to a famous mall for a pizur lunch where we found the only kosher McDonalds outside of Israel! We texplored the Jewish “quarter” and saw the AMIA building, which is essentially the Jewish Federation here in Argentina. Afterwards, we saw a beautiful synagogue that doubled as an art museum.

We enjoyed our dinner at the Yaakov House. This house provides rooming, breakfast and two Shabbat meals for up to three weeks at a very low cost for soldiers who just finished the IDF. We were all so full after the delicious asado (which means barbecue).

We are all so excited for the journey ahead… !

Aerin Kalmans,
Ambassadors to Argentina Participant 

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