Ambassadors to Bulgaria: Update #4

Ambassadors to Bulgaria 2017
Update # 4
July 4

Dear Friends and Family,

On Monday we traveled to tour Bulgaria’s second largest city, Plovdiv – a city upon layers of cities. Today you can find the remains of an ancient amphitheater, stadium and much more. Plovdiv is also known for is six hills that dot the landscape. We hiked one hill to view a beautiful panoramic of the city. At night we ate a traditional Bulgarian meal and enjoyed a show of traditional Bulgarian dance and song!

The final full day of programming included a trip to the city of Mezdra to meet children and teens at a local Children’s Home. We gifted them the donations of toys and games to play with and brighten their day. We also planted trees and cleaned up their garden to help beautify their home! We concluded our day of programming with a final reflection where we shared our learnings, gratitude and much more.

Our final days are a true culmination of our time together on Ambassadors to Bulgaria. We explored the Jewish values of Shalom Bayit, Peace in the Home, and V’Shinantam L’Vanecha, and you shall teach your children. Our community started eight days ago as a group of strangers, and today we are a family with a set of traditions, values, memories, and much more. We built a comfortable, safe, and welcoming community prepared to share learnings and experiences to their friends and families, and on to the next generations. They are prepared to be Ambassadors for the global Jewish community!

Ambassadors to Bulgaria 2017 created a community of Jewish teens from all over the world that will forever remember and cherish the incredible experience and friendships they have made.

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