Ambassadors to Bulgaria: Update #2

Ambassadors to Bulgaria 2017
Update # 2
June 30

Hello Friends and Family,

We have continued our journey to the small town of Sliven, where a small but active Jewish Community still calls home. We fulfilled an important need by cleaning and restoring the Jewish section of their local cemetery. Later, we met with the community for a festive dinner, which included an Israeli dance session.

At night, our coordinators ran a fun program on the Jewish value of betzelem Elohim, being made in the image of God.  We learned a lot about each other and in our groups created creatures that may have looked different, shared a common set of values.

The next day we traveled to the city of Veliko Turnovo and hiked the medieval fortress of Tsarevets, home to the second Bulgarian kingdom. We returned to the city for an incredible audio-visual performance, where the ancient fortress and surrounding hills lit up, accompanied by beautiful music.

Between our hike and performance we went back to the hotel for a meaningful conversation and discussion around anti-Semitism, its evolution, its impact  in our individual communities, and our global Jewish community. As a group we gained clarity over our roles in ridding the world of the hate and preserving the resilience of the Jewish people.

Shabbat Shalom for now and we cannot wait to tell you about our weekend!

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