Ambassadors to Bulgaria: Update #1

Ambassadors to Bulgaria 2017

Update 1 – June 27

Ambassadors to Bulgaria began when 30 North Americans met 18 new European friends at the Sofia Airport.  The Americans were met with cheering and signs of welcome, before we boarded the bus and started our drive to the beautiful Sea Side of Bulgaria.  We concluded our day by introducing our staff team, program goals, and our nightly routine, which includes a look at Jewish values rooted in text, which guide us as we build our community together. Each day we discover our multiple voice within our common tradition. We started as stranger, but we are now quickly becoming one family, caring for each other every day as we travel to new places, learn about our past and build a united global Jewish community.

The theme of our first day was Hachnasat Orchim, welcoming guests. We began our journey as a set of strangers – welcoming each other into our lives and getting to know each other as Jewish teens from 9 countries, including Austria, Bulgaria, Estonia, Latvia, Russia, Serbia, Slovakia, Ukraine, and the United States.

This Tuesday we started our day at the beach; playing games, swimming and much more!  Later in the day, we learned about our shared heritage and traditions by exploring the Jewish diaspora and the global Jewish community.

We are excited to continue our journey and continue to build our shared community in the days to come!

“I’ve really enjoyed meeting different people from all over the world. Bulgaria is an extremely eye-opening place and a once in a lifetime experience!”

Ari Nitzkin, Michigan, USA
“This is an amazing program and I have already met a lot of great people, but also learning a lot about myself, and my Jewish identity.  I am experiencing new things and loving it!”

-Adi Blazheva, Sofia, Bulgaria

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