Ambassadors to Argentina: Update #4

Ambassadors to Argentina
Update #4

After just our first two days in, some of us felt like we had already known each other our whole lives. It was as if the 19 of us couldn’t get any closer. But somehow, we managed to strengthen the bond between us far more than we thought we could. From going to a show where none of us quite knew what was happening, to playing games at the Hebraica in our final hours all together as Argentines and Americans, it became clear that we formed a community that was going to be hard to break apart!

As we all go our separate ways in the next few days, it’s safe to say that in these past two weeks, we have created memories we will never forget. It’s hard to imagine having spent my summer any other way. I’ve met so many great people and seen so many great places. This trip is something that will have a tough time being matched anytime in the near future!

-Ethan Bernstein and Rachel Barnett
Ambassadors to Argentina Participants

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