Ambassadors to Argentina: Update #2

Ambassadors to Argentina
Update #3

Hello Parents, Families and Friends,

This weekend we enjoyed one of many cultural exchanges in Buenos Aires. Our Friday night service involved prayers with tunes from Argentina and the United States. Even though we may not have been familiar with some of them, it was really heartwarming when we came together and sang. We ended the night with a bonfire and a dance-off between our two countries!

Saturday we toured the Hebraica, a Jewish country club, and walked through the fields and courts. We learned that Jews in Buenos Aires come to the Hebraica on Saturdays for camp and to enjoy all it offers. After a game of soccer (or fútbol), we met and hung out with other teens from Argentina. It turns out that that they also know all the words to “High School Musical” and watch the same TV shows as us.  We then immersed ourselves in Argentine culture through tango lessons!

Then it was time to split up and meet our host families, who were so welcoming! Some of us went out with those families for dinner, some had a home cooked meal, and some ordered in. We learned about life in Argentina, being a Jew in Argentina, where our host families have traveled, and more. Later that night, we met up with the Argentine teens and danced, sang, and talked some more.

Next up… we’re on our way to Iguazu!

– Amanda Glik
Ambassadors to Argentina Participant

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