Shabbat in Israel Part 2

Shabbat in Israel is like no other place in the world. Just knowing where we are praying and actually visiting the sites we have always talked about definitely brings new meaning to celebrating Shabbat.

Friday evening services were led by David Hoffman (staff) and Brianah Caplan (Mountain Region)Nicci Mowszowski (Rocky Mountain Region) and Jed Golman (International Shaliach, North Texas – Oklahoma Region). A ruach (spirit) filled song session followed.

“What a contrast between our first Shabbat in Poland and the one we just had! This Shabbat brought us closer together as a group, highlighting the community we have formed from our experiences thus far.”- Maytal Agasi (Eastern Region)

“Having my last BBYO Shabbat in Israel is something I will never forget. Being able to wrap my arms around my new best friends in my homeland was truly a special experience.” –Emily Nomberg (Cotton States Region)

Saturday morning services started our day off with David Hoffman (staff) and Brianah Caplan (Mountain Region)providing musical accompaniment for our service leaders – Lauren Levine (Nassau Suffolk Region) and Sophie Dornfeld (Northern Region East). It’s really wonderful to see how well our community has come together in such a short time.

Reflection time in our bus groups, with a panoramic view of the Sea of Galilee, provided the teens a unique setting to share what they were feeling about being in Israel. After lunch, a series of electives were offered to the teens, including: yoga, book club, how to put your thoughts on to paper, the history of hip hop, stress relief, how to deal with this trip, and how to talk to your parents about this experience. Many teens were visited by family and friends in the afternoon and most enjoyed the beautiful weather and being outdoors.

“I really enjoyed the reflection time we spent with our groups. We were asked to share what this experience meant to us, individually. It was really interesting to see how so many people, in the same location, can create so many different experiences.” Emily Duberman (Greater Jersey Hudson River Region)

A special Havdallah service concluded Shabbat with Adam Center (Liberty Region) and Lacey Berk (Liberty Region)leading the prayers and singing, along with David and Brianah on guitar.

“Experiencing Israel for the first time through BBYO Passport has been the most amazing experience for me. Our activities are focused on learning about history and culture while building a stronger Jewish future together. Today we observed Shabbat with a relaxing afternoon that included reflection time in our groups. One of my favorite things is listening to other teens’ perspectives on certain topics such as the Holocaust, the future of Israel and the importance of being a teen leader. I have met so many people who share the same values and dreams as me and that is something only BBYO can truly provide. In the evening we celebrated Havdallah with a beautiful service led by some of my good friends and finished off the night all together on a boat with a beautiful view and fun music. Overall, this trip has made me proud to be part of the Jewish people and appreciate our beautiful and unique culture and country.” –Melina Ramirez (Nassau Suffolk Region)
Once Shabbat was over, we partied on a disco boat and docked in Tiberius for more fun, getting snacks and shopping. We had a great day!!!!!!!!

Be sure to check out the live feed for tomorrow’s March in Jerusalem and Mega Event. You can access both live feeds here.
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