Italy Discovery #3: Ciao Italy!!

On Sunday departed Rome early in the morning to begin our 3 hour journey to Pompeii. When we arrived at the ruins we were met by Antonio, our tour guide for the city. We got to walk around the ancient city, see the ruins, the streets, shops, and houses of the time long ago. It was interesting to learn all about the city and its part in WWII.
After our tour we were able to walk around the square for some souvenir shopping and lunch. Pizza was created in Pompeii so all the kids were sure to get a slice (or pie) for lunch! Then we headed to mt Vesuvius to climb up the active volcano and sight see. The kids had a great time taking pictures and taking in the view of the cities and coast below – although they were upset to see that there wasn’t actually any lava in the crater – just dirt.
We then gathered back on the bus for another 3 hour ride to Rome, where we listened to music and cried and hugged, realizing the summer is coming to a close. When we settled into the hotel we had a buffet dinner waiting for us. We combined our tables into one long table so we could all eat together. After we ate the hotel let us use their conference room to hang out all night long until our flights! What a great way to end a great summer!
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