Western Europe Discovery #3: Anne Frank’s House and the Dutch Countryside

For Erev Shabbat, we enjoyed services at the Portuguese synagogue in Amsterdam. Some of us held alternative services at the park. Regardless of choice, everyone had a reflective final Shabbat. We all regrouped at Chabad for dinner and met people from around the world.

On Saturday, we walked around the city and enjoyed lunch at Chabad again. We had time to take pictures in front of the IAMSTERDAM letters and then we had a lot of free time to explore different shops and parks in the city.

On Sunday, we started out our day by checking out Anne Frank’s house. We were all amazed by how small the space was that the two families had to hide out in. We then rode bikes in the countryside of the Netherlands. We appreciated the good exercise. Finally, we had a Dutch pancake dinner on a boat cruise, and had a walking tour on our way back to the hotel.

Hard to believe this trip is already coming to a close. Thank you so much for your ongoing love and support.

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