Trek West #1: The Beauty of Yosemite National Park

It’s Or, James, Hayley and Lisa here again, for your forth trip update from Lake Tahoe! The group left Los Angeles on Sunday morning and headed to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. We stopped for lunch in Fresno and continued the drive to Yosemite National Park.

The beauty of Yosemite National Park was breathtaking! We arrived as the sun was setting, which made the mountains appear as if they were glowing. The excitement for the upcoming hike was surely palpable.

After an early breakfast the next morning, the group began our first of two hikes on Monday. We ventured to lower Yosemite falls to enjoy the first of many awing waterfalls that scatter the park. Then, we prepared for the second trek of the day. We gathered some snacks and sandwiches, and tons of water and sunscreen, and set out to tackle an 11 mile hike to the base of Half Dome. The hike was not easy, and definitely put the mind-over-matter philosophy to test, but our Trekkies surely made us proud.

Along the way, the mist that emanated from Vernal Falls provided the perfect refresher and helped us to persevere. When we finally reached our goal at the top, we all took a well deserved dip in the cool river waters. Our trek down was steep and challenging, but we all worked together to stay positive. After dinner that evening, the park rangers gave an exciting talk on the wildlife of Yosemite, and then we all headed straight to bed for a much needed sleep.

On Tuesday morning, we departed Yosemite. The long drive through the Sierra Nevadas brought us back to the Silver State, to the lake that straddles the border. We stopped for lunch before enjoying the afternoon on the beach of Lake Tahoe. We swam, played volleyball and frizbee, and enjoyed the afternoon with our friends. After a buffet dinner, we took an evening stroll as a group to watch the sunset by the beach near our hotel.

We are so proud of the group for their determination during the difficult hike; we know that everyone back home is, too! We are looking forward to an amazing time in Tahoe and in the Bay Area in the coming days!

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