Trek Israel: The Sea-to-Sea Hike and Galilee

Please enjoy these updates from our participants:

July 5, Trek Israel Day 7

We woke and went to eat breakfast and found out that a hoard of wild boars swept through our campsite nearly 10 feet away munching, and crunching on any and everything last night. After the hike yesterday, we found out today was going to be a bit easier. Then after miles and miles of walking, Meir stopped at a spring that actually had not water in it. He set up a hammock and we all took our shnatz (nap). We didn’t actually take a real nap, but we rested a bit.


After resting, Meir told us only 3 more miles, which was a pain because it was Israeli miles which really meant 5 more miles. Eventually at the end of the hike we made it to an ice cream stand. The dude made lots of shekels because everyone got ice creams. After setting up the campsite, we ate the most amazing boykai (not sure how to spell it). For our evening program, the boys and girls were split up and we played ninja and each talked about their highs and lows of the trip. It was a cool bonding thing. They boys made some funny jokes. Afterwards the night came to a close and everyone went to bed.
– Gabe and CalebJuly 6, Trek Israel Day 8

As I awoke on this scorching hot Wednesday morning, a wide range of emotions and feelings surged throughout my body due to three factors around me. First, I felt the agonizing pain of sharp rocks and angry bugs unleashing upon my body. Second, the girly shrieks and screams from Josh R. About the tarantula cuddling him all night brought laughter and joy to my once painful morning. Lastly, the beautiful, improvised wake up song brought to us by our British medic, Danny, made my eyes flood from the pure perfection of the lyrics and seamless transition of the chords. In reality, none of this mattered since it was the last day of the hike and we are almost done.


I could see the shining light of the real bedroom in my future! The first three hours of hiking were easy, but the last two put some of us to the test. The last push in the burning sun made us want to quit, but we kept pushing. We fought, we struggled, but in the end we persevered! We finished our sea to sea hike and celebrated with an air conditioned bus and kosher chocolate bars. The bus took us to Israel’s only source of fresh water, the Sea of Galilee, Kenneret.


While cooling off in the refreshing water, a delicious BBQ was prepared for us. After eating, we left to go to Mount Ben Tal to check out an old IDF army base and look over to Syria, where there are lots of feuds happening. Arriving at our kibbutz, much needed showers were taken. We met some Brits and got the best night sleep in four days. I’ll never forget the Sea to Sea hike; the small talk, the bonding, the up hills, the downhills, the lack of sleep, the beginning, the end, the Journey.
– Daniel
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