Trek Israel: The City of David and Kotel Tunnels

Please enjoy these updates from our participants:

July 29, Trek Israel Day 1

Today was the first day of our journey throughout Israel and even though it was a long travel day for most of us, everyone seemed to have a great time. As we boarded the bus at Ben Gurion and headed towards Jerusalem, I learned a lot of interesting things about the many teens aboard.
As we approached our sunny capital of Jerusalem, we stopped at an overlook to view the whole city and said a Shecheyanu. On the way to the hotel, we discussed Israel and learned a new word of the day “Sababa” (it means awesome/cool)! Also I learned that a lot of the teens haven’t been to Israel before.
The hotel is beautiful and after being assigned rooms we all gathered for dinner. The hotel buffet had a huge variety of veggies and meats (don’t worry mom it’s kosher). With full stomachs we went over rules and proceeded to play team building games. Surprisingly, we all learned each other’s names quickly. Out of breath, we all proceeded to our rooms whee we showered (very nice showers, I didn’t want to leave) and tried to watch Israeli cooking shows (lots of hummus).
Anyway, is was a great first day and everyone is hyped for the Old City tomorrow.
– David
July 30, Trek Israel day 2 
Today was the second day of our journey. It was significant because we experienced a spiritual and eye opening moment in learning about Jerusalem history, and Judaic history. We began in the City of David and went through the aqueduct tunnels. They were wet cold and super narrow. I was worried about not scraping my arms.
Halfway through, Caleb (one of the others teens) gave us his perspective of tunnel facts (they were ridiculous and funny at the same time). I wore my GoPro so I can’t wait to see the video later.
The second tunnel we went through was the 3000 year old sewer, it only smelled at the end and beginning. When we emerged we were right at the Western wall. We went through the gate to the Kotel and it was breathtaking. I felt goosebumps when walking up to the wall. It was actually enlightening being there.
Away from the wall, I witnessed Israel’s true strength and beauty, which was the IDF men and women saluting the country’s flag while singing Hatikvah. We had lunch in the Old City, I went to a pizza place and ordered a jalapeño pizza but the guy didn’t speak English so I got an olive pizza, not cool. After lunch we went to the other gate (Zion gate), we went into the room the last supper was in. It’s looked at is as more of an artsy place. Today was very historical but really cool.
– Brandon
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