Trek Israel: Our Final Days in Tel Aviv

July 17, Trek Israel Day 19
Sunday we went to a bullet factory in Tel Aviv to learn about an underground factory on a Kibbutz many years ago. By learning about the factory, we also learned about the people who found the importance of creating these bullets to protect and help Israel. I admire the dedication these 46 people had to the factory, keeping this underground company a secret for over 3 years. I find it incredibly interesting that such a large group of people were able to keep such a significant secret for so long, literally sneaking into the basement of a laundromat to produce bullets.

Later in the day, we were given time to go for lunch with our friends and walk around parts of Tel Aviv. I particularly enjoyed this lunch because I reflected on my best memories with my closest friends from the trip.

Before this trip, I never really considered myself as an “outdoorsy” person. Ironically, my favorite part of today was going to plant oak trees alongside my closet friends. This activity was not only an amazing way to end this trip, but it also reminded me of my aunt Monica, who passed away three months ago. Prior to this activity, I was told that trees represent life and protection: these two traits are not only relevant to me, but they were also relevant to my aunt. I will always remember planting this tree in her honor and I pray for these traits to be passed through my family.

Monday we will all split apart and either go back to our homes, or extend to do community service or boot camp with the IDF. Through the amazing and exhilarating experiences the 23 of us have shared together, I know that we will somehow stick together, location aside. Reminiscing on planting 23 trees next to each other will never fail to remind me of the amazing friends I’ve made on Trek, and I’m so incredibly proud to be a part of this unique, strong and loving group.


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