Trek Israel: Northern Mediterranean and the Sea-to-Sea Hike

Please enjoy these updates from our participants:

July 3, Trek Israel Day #5

Beep Beep Beep! As the familiar, horrendous sound of the alarm shattered the silence of our Kibbutz in Akko, a surge of excitement coursed through my veins. Today was the day: we were beginning our treacherous, long, and absolutely beautiful hike across the holy land.
We started the day at a magnificent cave, overlooking the Northern Mediterranean shoreline, yet we weren’t just there to look at the view. No, this is Trek Israel! We repelled down the 10-story-tall cave with just harness on body and rope in hand. Never before had I experienced Israel from such an interesting and new point of view.

Finally, shortly thereafter, the long awaited sea to sea hike commenced. As we progressed up and down the dirt and rocks, the only thing we could see was the green of trees and the only thing we could hear was the rush of the river (and the distant complaining that we didn’t have service anymore). We stopped at a beautiful and natural water hole on the way up the mountain, but completely other than that it was just trekking, hydrating and trekking some more.

After 6 miles we finally reached our first destination. And here we are, physically and emotionally exhausted, lying in our sleeping bags, full of excitement for the next few days to come.
– Josh

July 4, Trek Israel Day #6

After our first night out in the open, we all woke up bright and early as the sun rose with twigs and dirt all throughout our hair. After breakfast, cleaning up camp, and applying loads of sunscreen, we set out on our hike. Throughout the whole day, we walked a total of 13.5 miles with many stops and buckets of sweat.

Collectively, we all probably sweat enough to solve the California drought. Don’t worry mom and dad, we were constantly drinking liters and liters of water. While walking, we all got to know each other very well. A go-to hiking game of ours was the Question Game where you just ask question after question after question and answer them all. I learned about different people from questions which ranged from biggest pet peeve, to what their last meal would be. This game passed miles on miles of time.

At one point we came to a swimming hole which resembled a well, that had signs stating, “No Swimming.” Of course that didn’t stop most people! When we eventually got to camp, we grabbed our clothes from the bus (this is what I like to call “glam ping”), filled up our water bottles, and put our stuff at our pre-set up campsite.

After a “July 4th themed” dinner filled with hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken (and cucumbers and bread for our veggies) we all sat near the campfire as a whole group to just talk and sing songs and eventually eat s’mores (kosher s’mores). We also lit some sparklers to bring in the Fourth with wonder and light.

As the night came to a close, everyone got into their respective tents while six of us decided to rough it another night out in the open with no tent. 30 minutes after laying our heads down on the comfy ground, a few of us woke up from the putter-patter and squealing of six wild boars and their mama running back and forth about 20 feet away from where our sleeping bags were setup. After realizing there wasn’t much we could do about it, we decided to fall back to sleep in hopes that the wild boars had nothing against us and no reason to come closer. Overall we had another very successful day!
– Shira

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