Trek Israel: Netanya, Caesarea, and the Bahá’í Gardens in Haifa

Please enjoy these updates from our participants:

July 1, Trek Israel Day #3

Friday was the third day of our journey. We went to four different tourist sites; Netanya for the beach, which was super fun and relaxing. Next was Caesarea, half the group called it quesadilla and queso rito. It was an old Roman city, yet we were only there for a short time. We watched a movie about the history and it was really cool. We sat in the amphitheater and I was supposed go up and perform because we lost “bird on a perch” but I didn’t feel like going and now I regret it cause it was a great theatre.
Then we went to my favorite site, the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. The view and the scenery was AMAZING. We ended the day by celebrating Shabbat. We had a service outside on one of the walls in Akko. After dinner, we played Riff Off. We didn’t win but we didn’t lose. The room was really hot though. Overall, it was a tiring day, but it was still super fun.

– Julia

July 2, Trek Israel Day #4
For our first Shabbat in Israel, we had the choice to wake up early and go to services or to sleep in. I, of course, chose to sleep in 🙂 Also, some of the teens woke up and watched the sunrise on the roof and did Sunrise Yoga. After getting a late start to the day, we walked around the city of Akko. We were able to experience a mostly Arab community and shop a little in a local market. There were little shops of kids toys, fresh fruit, candy, etc.

After lunch, (which was the same, chicken, rice, hummus…) we went to a beach in Akko. It was really pretty, however, the season of jellyfish was still upon us; Aloe Vera was our friend though. Havdallah was cool since we were together with the other group at the Kibbutz. Also, I was able to help out with the spices. Later, we got on a boat for a dance cruise with the other Journey groups. It was a great day, and now we are ready for the Sea to Sea hike tomorrow.
– Raina
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