Trek Costa Rica (Bus B): The Rainforest of Sarapiqui

Buenos dias! We can’t believe we’ve passed ten half way mark of this trip. Time flies when your are living the pura vida (pure life) in Costa Rica!

Monday morning, we started our day visiting the community that the kids that we played soccer with (through the Boy and the Ball foundation) on Saturday are from. This community, El Triangulo, is considered a slum and is located in the heart of San Jose. Young adults from this community acted as our guides and showed us through their neighborhood.


On our tour, each of kids the got to practice using a sewing machine in the home of a seamstress living in the community. The kids also had the chance to make handmade tortillas in the home of women in the community who make tortillas for a living. We all agreed that the tortillas could have used a little queso (cheese) but overall, were pretty yummy! We concluded our visit with a debrief with the head of the program. Your teens showed compassion and maturity in their reflections on the experience.

In the afternoon, we drove to Sarapiqui, where we participated in a fast-paced relay race starting with a team-building challenge and ending in a white-water rafting race. As we were preparing to head to our next hotel (as many of you already heard real time) our poor bus was smushed by a rogue tree branch, causing two windows to shatter. Luckily, the bus had few people in it at the time and no one was hurt. We did, however, trade in our bus for a brand, spankin new one! Nothing will stop us from adventuring across Costa Rica! Our bus woes melted away as we wrapped up our evening with a salsa dancing lesson. The girls especially were eager to practice their dancing skills with one of the male instructors.

Sarapiqui is located on the Caribbean side of the country. Our hotel is constructed in the middle of a rainforest. The hotels rooms are situated alongside a rushing river and our new iguana and beatle friends have graciously walked us to breakfast every morning. The wild life here is truly spectacular! We began our day yesterday with a morning of leisurely rafting (your children are all pro white-water rafters now) and spent the afternoon at La Tirimbina, a rainforest education facility, where we learned about the process of making chocolate from the cacao seed to the finished product – a chocolate bar! Yum!

We returned to the hotel for some relaxation time, where the kids enjoyed hammocking, exploring the hotel grounds and swimming in the pool. After dinner, some of the kids elected to participate in a night time nature walk on the hotel grounds, while others continued to enjoy the facilities. We slowed down out fast-paced day with a much needed guided meditation activity.

While we are experiencing a bit of a mid-trip slump within the group, your children have continued to impress us by challenging themselves with new activities, demonstrating fierce friendship and rolling with the punches as our itinerary has experienced some last minute changes. We have now headed to the city of Monteverde! We hope that a visit to the falls will rejuvenate us for the final week of the trip.


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