Stand UP South Africa: Zebras, Rhinos Hippos and more!

On Friday afternoon we drove to the Shiduli lodge where we stayed for Shabbat. We had an afternoon game drive in open land rovers, where we saw zebras, rhinos and hippos, and finished off with warm towels provided by the lodge. We had a delicious meal and welcomed in shabbat with singing traditional Friday night songs. After supper we played some games and even went horse racing…with paper horses;) We finished off the night all sitting by the fire playing cards and bonding as a group. One of the highlights of the trip so far.

Saturday began with breakfast prepared by Chef Bernie, and then we had a bush walk led by a guide and a tracker. We learned how to survive in the bush and how to identify animals based on their tracks. After that we had lunch and spent time learning about HIV in Africa and ethical issues surrounding this topic. This discussion was the lead up to our learning activity on Jewish medical ethics, and we had really nice discussion as a group.


Many people shared their opinions which were supplemented by Jewish source sheets in the topic. After that we had free time, and some people were even brave enough to dip in the icy pool and waterfall! We then went on a night game drive, saw a lion eating a kudu, a sivet, bush baby, and a leopard. We arrived back at the lodge to find hot chocolate and warm towels awaiting us. Supper was then served followed by Havdallah around the fire.

Sunday morning started with a sunrise game drive, after which we had breakfast and left Shiduli lodge for a trip to an endangered species park where we saw cheetahs, wild dogs, rhinos, and more. We then set out for Kubu lodge where we will be staying for the next few days. At Kubu lodge we had an African cooking lesson and a delicious dinner outside by the fire. Monday our volunteering begins!

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