Stand UP South Africa: Volunteering in Khayelitsha Township

Volunteering in Khayelitsha for the past two days has been a great experience. Driving through the township, we saw hundreds of houses made of tin and cardboard mixed in among other government built houses. We arrived at the Ntwasahlobo school where we helped to carry out their gym assessments. We also got to teach them dances and games and they taught us some of their songs and games as well.


In the afternoon we went to Herzilia high school, where we met local teens, and participated in a workshop with them. We were then treated to snacks from their tuck shop. After that we went back to the hotel and had a curry dinner. Today it has been pouring rain the whole day, in a typical Cape Town winter fashion. We ran a few indoor gym classes at the school, drove to the waterfront and visited the District Six Museum.


After the museum, we spent an hour at Camps Bay, where we walked on the beach in the rain and had ice cream. We then went to the Gold Museum for an African cultural experience including a drumming lesson, face painting, and dinner consisting of different foods from all over Africa. Looking forward to whattomorrow will bring!
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