Stand UP South Africa: Onward to Johannesburg!

We spent the rest of our week volunteering at the Mahlathi primary school. There we helped paint he school and water the garden and all of the BBYO participants became attached to the children there. As a token of our appreciation for them accepting us into their community, we all pitched in to buy chips, juice, and apples for all of the children in the school.

In the evenings we beaded shoes in the African way, and on our last day at the school, while driving home we got a flat tire! Everyone sat on the side of the road unimpressed after a long day at work- the picture is on Facebook! But luckily we were able to fix it very quickly with the help of some friendly passersby. It was definitely a memorable (and bonding) experience!

This morning we woke up at 3:45 am to make it to Johannesburg for our 1 pm flight. We stopped on the way for a pancake breakfast, and got to the airport with time to spare. Unfortunately our flight was delayed 1 hour, but we have just arrived in cape town! The weather is cold and rainy but we are all so excited to spend our first weekend here – as evidenced by the singing Shabbat shalom from Cape Town!

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