Stand UP Nicaragua: Granada and the Granadilla community

A seamless gathering at the airport, an easy trip through security, and a conversation filled the 2 hour and 10 minute flight from MIA to MGA. Welcome to Nicaragua! Our group of kids boarded a van at the Managua Airport and cruised the culturally-shocking streets of the capital city towards Granada, where they joined forces with the ten teens who are continuing their journey from Costa Rica.


Fatigue was setting in quickly, though curiosity took its toll as the two groups quickly mended into one. An orientation and introduction to our tour guides, Glaco and Eva, preceded dinner before we all retreated to our dormitories where well-deserved sleep awaited.

We were thrown right into the thick of things during our first full day. The paved streets of Granada quickly faded to the bumpy, mud-laden back roads of agricultural-suburbia. It may go without saying, but the Nicaraguan suburbs resemble nothing of our own home cities. Eyes were wide as vinyl/brick siding and asphalt shingles were replaced by tin-walls and banana leaf and wood thatched roofs.


Awaiting us at our first stop was a river fed by natural springs and rainwater. Bathing suits beckoned. From here, we made our way to the Granadilla community to begin the volunteering portion of the journey. Bookending the activities here were the ciphering sand from shovel-fulls of Earth to use for mortar in a brick oven and bull-drawn carriage rides throughout the co-op. Two opposite ends of the spectrum with loads of variables in between. All the while, Volcan Mombacho beckoned in the background, awaiting for our arrival!
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