Stand UP Chicago: Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy in Chicago

Stand UP Chicago is off to a patriotic start with our 4th of July celebrations yesterday! Teens traveled to the ballpark formerly known as Comiskey Park (aka U.S. Cellular Field) to watch the Chicago White Sox play the New York Yankees in America’s Pastime, Baseball. Our teens got to know each other through some ice breakers and team building games that elicited their embarrassing stories, their joint knowledge of song lyrics, and what noise their favorite animal makes.


We finished our 4th with a rousing fireworks display in our home base of Evanston with the Star Spangled Banner sung by Lady Gaga (…recorded). Tuesday began our entrepreneurship piece led by our program educator, Karin Scott, from our partner Allowance for Good. Teens learned what philanthropy is and how to apply leadership to social entrepreneurship by Elizabeth Newton from Allowance for Good. Finally, we visited the Ford Design Building and The Garage at Northwestern as an introduction to incubators and design thinking.

Mackensie Freeman (Shorashim BBG #2493) – “I am not super involved in BBYO back in Atlanta, but it has been so cool to meet and hang out with other people in the organization. Plus, I have loved getting to be around Chicago and make new friends. I’ve loved the hands on experiences we have done.”

Hudson Price (Leviticus AZA #2387) – “Learning about Entrepreneurship and visiting the areas we visited in just a few days was extremely breathtaking but informing at the same time.”

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