Spain Discovery: Seville Bull-Fighting and Flamenco Show!

Written by Melanie Teper: Wednesday started off our day eating breakfast at the hotel. There was a wide variety of foods to choose from. There were pastries, fruits, and meats. When we finished eating we headed on to the bus to start the activities of the day. Our first stop was to see a bull-fighting ring in Seville. We got to sit in the arena where the people would watch, learn about the history, and see the clothing and models they had on the display.


After visiting the ring, we counted off as usual and went back on the bus to the next stop. We then went to see Christopher Columbus’s tomb along with climbing the Giralda bell tower. The building in which the tomb and tower were in was so beautiful. Everywhere you would look there was something new. It had every color and every shape you could imagine. We learned that the reason the ceilings were so tall was to make us feel small. We weren’t suppose to feel superior.


After looking and learning about what was inside the building, we got the opportunity to climb up the tower. This was such an amazing experience. Although not everyone chose to climb it, those who did saw an amazing view. It was definitely worth the long/hard climb. After we were finished at the cathedral and our climb, it was time to eat lunch. We split up into groups and ventured off to find food and shop. The group I went with had paella.


We then had time after to walk around and enjoy the stores and just being there. We all met up after we were done with lunch and moved on to the next activity, which was going to see a castle. We were all so tired and worn out but we kept our bearings to see all the amazing things in the castle. With everyone so worn out from the fun filled day, we went back to the hotel to change. We all dressed up very nice because we were going to a Flamenco show. We were served dinner as the show went on. There were three courses, and the show was about 1 1/2 hours long.


This show was the highlight of my day as well as many others. There was both women and men dancing in tap shoes. They had fans, chairs, and castanets. There clothes and the dancing showed us amazing Spain traditions. Afterwards we went outside to take a group picture and ended our day with free time to go to the market or just hang at the hotel. All in all the day was one of the best we have had so far.


Thursday started off with going to breakfast and then moving on to the bus. We went to Plaza Espana where there were a few people selling things. The scenery was really beautiful and we took a group picture as well as other pictures. We got back on the bus for a long bus ride to Gibraltar. We first stopped to eat some lunch. When we got back on the bus we were told that the original plan to go to the beach had gotten changed because of the weather. We now were crossing borders, going to the hotel for a couple hours then out for the night. When we finally got to the hotel and got situated some of us went to the roof top pool.


After hanging out at the pool and cooling down, we all walked together to go shopping and eat dinner. We got an hour to go with friends to any store or shop on the Main Street. We all met up for dinner and ate salad and a pasta dish. We then walked back to the hotel and split up between boys and girls. We each held our own bonding activity and really go to know each other on new levels. We all expressed how we were feeling towards the trip and our highs and lows. The activity let us open up and was one of the best bonding moments we have had the whole trip. This was a more laid back day but certainly one of the best.
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